Tuesday, 26 July 2016

My CARE Progress

I have done a check of my CARE progress so far this year.

I am doing ok because i am almost halfway to getting my bronze

How far away are you from reaching your BRONZE/SILVER?

The area of CARE that I need to try harder in C / A / R / E

because i only have two highlights in excellence.

To achieve my BRONZE/SILVER award quicker I need to record my ticks more often

The one thing that I can do to improve my progress in CARE is to put my ticks in.

WALT: I understand the features of different types of texts and text forms.

  1. Text features are important because: it makes each text genre different and special from the other genres

  1. Each genre has different text features because: that have different points their trying to make

  1. Two genres that I studied the text features of are: websites and poems

Friday, 8 July 2016

Term 2 Te Reo Reflection





Extended Abstract
I can say 1-5 words about celebrations in te Reo Maori.  
With help, I can ask and answer several questions about celebrations, using te Reo Maori.
I can ask and answer several questions about celebrations,using Te Reo Maori.
I can ask and answer a range of questions about celebrations,using Te Reo Maori. I can teach others these questions and answers.

In Te Reo this term I have been learning about using vocabulary around food (Kai) and celebrations (Ngā hākari)

Here are some sentences, with english translation in brackets, that I can say confidently (list 3-4).
1. He pai ki a koe ngā/te aporo?- (Do you like apples?)

    2. He pai ki a koe te/ngā _______?   (Do you like _______?)

    3.He aha te mea pai, ki a koe kei to pāti?
        (What do you like about your party?) 
     4. Whakatika te tēpu koutou. ( correct the table )
         He aha ō mātou pirangi? ( what do we need?)