Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Reasons of linear proportions

 example question

Which is less?
62% of 10,000
8% of 60,000
neither; they are equal

First figure out the numbers
so for the first one  62% of 10000 60% of 10000 is 6000 and 2% of 10000 is 200 so add those together and it makes 6200. now for the other one 8% of 60000 so to figure out first you have to figure out 1% of 60000 which is 600 then times it by 8 which equals 4800 so then you put them together against each other so its 6200 or 4800 and since we are trying to find which one is less 4800 is the answer.

 example question

Do these ratios form a proportion

9:8 and 18:16

Yes because 9 goes into 18 two times and 8 goes into 16 two times

example question

Last term, Theo earned an average score of 85 points on maths tests. So far this term, his average score is 20% lower. What is the average of Theo's scores this term?
to figure this out we have to figure 20% of 85 the way I would do it is find 10% of 85 which is 8.5 then I would times it by two which equals 17 and that is your answer.

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