Thursday, 7 April 2016

Peer Mediation Merit blog post 1

On Thursday the 7th of April I had my peer mediation duty, when I got my gear on a little kid came up to me and said that two of their friends had been fighting, so I helped them find one of the people involved in the fight and when we found them Mr Hillary was there so I let him fix the problem. Then Grace and I just walked through the year three area and went to the senior playground. We had a few little problems, there were some people playing in the bushes and people throwing bark at one another. Then we walked around the field with no issues but before the bell rung we had a final problem were a girl had pushed another girl, who then pushed her back and said some mean words. We told them to talk to their teacher about it then we went back to class.

I think I showed active thinking when I was doing Peer mediation because I told the girl and her friend to go tell their teacher about their problem.

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